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AC: Furry Harem

Howdy, my name's Kiba. Just a dude that likes sleeping but spends a lot of time not sleeping.

My interests include drawing and pokemon.

Also drawing pokemon.

29th July 2014

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souffle the cake witch

souffle the cake witch

Tagged: kibartfun fact if I'm not posting anything here I'm probably drawing furriesthere are macarons on her hat

16th July 2014

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this time I might just disappear

this time I might just disappear

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15th July 2014

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cool thanks

cool thanks

Tagged: kibartfukuif there was a face for thanks for not even leaving my legs near me this would be itbloodgoreguronsfw

13th July 2014

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I will always find you
like it’s written in the stars

picture based off of ending credit picture (SPOILER) by jen zee

I will always find you

like it’s written in the stars

picture based off of ending credit picture (SPOILER) by jen zee

Tagged: kibartstargrazermanarevorocketnailsI've drawn so many crossovers with these two. So many. Too many.somewhere in the past a tiny kiba is going I still draw crossovers with ocs? Niceand he would be happy

12th July 2014

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xign (pronounced “sign”) is some kind of cute space alien thing that’s like 500 years old in earth years that crash landed through the roof of moya’s townhouse. Moya, mortified by the property damage instead of the alien sitting among the debris littering his floor, decides to gape in horror at the absolute destruction of his roof while gesturing wildly towards it. Xign’s like “yeah okay no problem” and fixes everything pretty much instantly with his weird magic space powers. Moya is then mollified.

Turns out xign has been sent to earth in exile after Fucking Shit Up on his home planet and the authorities designated earth as his term of imprisonment because “it’s basically like, the shittiest place we’ve ever seen, so.” And since the portal sent him crashing into moya’s house, xign figured “hey so fate brought us together! You should let me live here”

Xign ends up staying. Moya takes everything in stride where most people would probably be having some kind of meltdown. His friends are completely taken by his Real Life Digimon Partner because they too lack the need to lose their minds over talking space alien monsters. Moya and xign also end up as Alien Life Partners which moya wasn’t expecting when xign literally crashed into his life but hey, he’s a cool guy, he can roll with it. Moya is down with having an anime monster thing as his significant other

it helps that xign’s triangular halo makes a pretty decent nightlight

Tagged: kibartfurry hellI basically only drew humanoid xign so those of you that don't want to go to Ultimate Furry Hell can still sleep at nightalso for when I'm too lazy to draw his regular versionyou don't have to imagine moya getting dicked by a small digimon thing because I'll be here doing that for you. Doing that for us.I am Actual Real Furry Trash

11th July 2014

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old character cursed with a toy bear head

old character cursed with a toy bear head

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11th July 2014

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hey guys! i’m moving to washington state in less than a month! lately, money’s been a bit of a squeeze for me. between purchasing my ticket, paying to fly my dog up, and still paying for myself to live comfortably down here for the remainder of my time in texas ( between buying my groceries and feeding my dog, ect. ), it’s tight! for a girl without a job, it can get pretty hectic, and my art can’t pay for everything, no matter how much i wish it could!

so, this is me asking for some help, some help that i’d very, very much appreciate.

on my blog, there’s a donate button that you can go to to send me some money!— 


if the donor so chooses, they can contact me and i’ll offer sketches in return! i can’t do much else than that, but i’m totally willing to draw your favorite characters in return for some money. :)

i fully intend to get a job, and to become an independent person, once i move to washington. here, since i haven’t had a stable environment to live in, i haven’t been able to get a real job! which sucks! but once i’m in my new home, i definitely will be able to function on my own, and i won’t need any more help.

but for now, i would very, very much appreciate some help. even if you can’t donate, a signal boost would be wonderful!

i have a little over a week left! 

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11th July 2014

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username: kibasaur

display name: COWBOY KNUCKLES

for everybody who has a steam account and transistor ADD ME and talk to me about how much you’ve cried while playing it. I’ve never experienced gaming the way I have until supergiant games came into my life. Bless bastion and transistor. I could write you an essay about how much I love supergiant games

if you haven’t played either of those add me anyway and go ahead and tell me about whatever games you are playing. Recommend stuff to me. Give me dubious looks as you go through my steam inventory list. LET’S BE VIDEO GAME FRIENDS

Keying in kibasaur turns up nothing so


This you?

That’s me. Yeah. I hope you enjoyed looking at my past names lmao

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10th July 2014

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HAHA holy shit that reminds me at AX there was this dude selling sanic drawings on index cards for $2 each and I bought every single one he had on the table

he looked at me with the most horrified expression. It was kind of incredible how terrified he was because some asshole just came up to his table randomly and demanded all the sanics

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10th July 2014

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sugoihime said: ✍ please draw sonic and kiba kissing (i know this isn't one character, make them one character)


ur such trash aku…

what the fuck. What the fuck is this. What the fuckity fuck fuck fuck

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